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//Hey, guys~ 

//So, there’s about over 500 of you minions, and now I need you for a small favor, if you will. 

//As some of you know, it’s my aspiration to become an animator for motion pictures, and so as you might guess, I look up to talented artists like Pooka-Curse and The-Guardian-of-Fun, who are animation students trying to get their foothold in the industry. 

//And some of you are aware that my OC, Brunnie, was formerly the Bloody Mary of the world of Rise of the Guardians. 

//All you have to do is go watch the video they made (which is less than five minutes), and hit the “like” button, that’s what counts as a vote. 

//If they win, and only if they win, not only will I post a full-size drawing of Brunnie as the Bloody Mary this Halloween with all the skill I have as an artist, but I will post another drawing on October 1st as Brunnie becoming Bloody Mary - complete with the fancy horror-magic details, as a way to kick off the Halloween season for the fandom.

//I will also take on the first ten drawing requests I get in my inbox. 

//This really does mean a lot to them, and all you’ve got to do is spare a few minutes; that’s it. 

//The Deadline is SEPTEMBER 27TH. 

//OK, this is the last time I’m reblogging this tonight, but to show how deadly serious I am about this - 

//Here’s some of my art: 

//Obviously, it’s not the best artwork, and there are DOZENS of artists more skilled than I am, but I am at the very least competent. 

//If Pooka-Curse’s team wins, I will take on the FIRST TEN line-art requests in my inbox - and I will post TWO ROTG!Bloody Mary artworks. 


//We’re behind by 300 likes.


Please folks, help them out.  I’m throwing in some art as incentive to go vote!  If they win, you can get these things!

1 person will get a coloured 2 character image with a simple background like this:

1 person will get a single character coloured image on a transparent background like this:

1 person will get a 1 character, 2 angle modelsheet/turnaround of a character (clothed or nude):

2 people will get coloured sketches like this: 

2 people will get lineart chibis like this:

And 3 people will get basic sketches

I know it’s not the greatest art, but it’s free and please, help these folks out.   If they win, there is lots of free art and incentives!

[Art incentives!  Vote for the chance to get free art from some awesome artists!




Come on guys, it is the last day, it does not take a minute to give them a like / fav this video, please, help them, their future depends on it, if you really appreciate them, help them fulfill one of their dreams.

Thanks you<3

Pooka-Curse, The-Guardian-of-fun, Octobersparrow Good luck on this last day <3 <3

Come’n guys :D We can help our friend!!! <3

[Go on guys! I’m offering a random draw - free art for people who vote!]


Please guys keep voting were so close we just need to stay in the lead till the 27th, please, please like and favourite this video.


I’m sorry this keeps popping up on your dash, but we need this now more then ever. It’s an opportunity to get into an industry that is near impossible to break into as animators. 

If you like on the youtube vid and add the vid to your favourites, take a screen shot / print screen of it, and send it to you will then be entered into a prize draw to win some of the following goodies, BUT ONLY IF WE WIN. So make sure we do by getting as many people involved as you can!

here are some of the prizes you could win!

The-Guardian-of-fun is also offering the following as prizes to voters: 

  • Three sketches up for grabs, 
  • and a ROTG COPIC marker piece worth $300.00! LIKE THIS ONE

Octobersparrow is also willing to join in on rewarding people who like, as well as many other artists who want to help! So please! LIKE AND FAVOURITE ON YOUTUBE. 

Reblog the hell out of this to spread the word and increase your chance of winning along side us! LETS DO THIS GUYS. 

[Help out folks!

It’s also a great way to win free art!]

[My follower count is steadily dropping.  Lost 5 since yesterday…]

[I miss my old fandom sometimes…]

Official Guardians’ Ball Scavenger Hunt Prize Livestream


8:30 PM Eastern Time


Streaming the prizes for the Scavenger Hunt Event.

First Prize: A set of 6 Rise of the Guardians Buttons (1 Physical set, one digital set)  + a button of the winner’s character or a character of their choice

Second Prize: A set of digital Rise of the Guardians Buttons + a digital B&W lineart of the winner’s character or a character of their choice

Third Prize: A digitally drawn chibi of the winner’s character or a character of their choice.

All art is provided by LibranElegance/VelveteenBunnymund.


Reblog this post to be entered in a raffle to win a free button of your character.  Also: Get a second chance to win just by being a follower!

Remember the time: 8 PM Eastern. 

Join in and win!

Pooka Drawing Stream →


Alrighty my friends.  Here’s the drill.  I’m going to be demonstrating my techniques for drawing pookas and then I’ll be drawing a pooka gathering picture.  So if you have a Pooka character and you’re following me on either of my blogs, feel free to hop on over with a reference and get yourself added.

[Reposting here for all my followers with Pooka drawing needs]


Thinking of doing a Livestream or Tutorial about how to draw Pookas.

Would anyone be interested in this?

[Reposting this here, in case folks might like to see how I draw Pookas]


[Hyde meets Douglas.  :)  A little pic for Pooka-curse.  Go follow him if you aren’t already: ]

If You are a Dreamer: Studio hiring new artists →


The publishing company I work for is looking for comic book artists to hire. I thought I’d send a shout out to any artists who might be interested at getting into comics. They require a portfolio submission/samples of comic pages, pencils, lineart and colours (depending on what kind of job you’d…